There is a family-focused way to resolve your dispute.

The York Collaborative Practice is a group of lawyers, financial professionals and family professionals who are committed to assisting separating couples and families find amicable solutions that preserve the integrity of the family.

Family law can operate without causing harm.

When considering divorce you might assume that there is only one option. A frustrating, and lengthy court battle that involves a complex trial,  a process that puts pressure on your time, mental health, and your family.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Collaborative practice is an alternative process for separating or divorcing couples looking for a better out-of-court resolution. A personalized, child-focused approach that focuses on open communication, and mutual respect.

Our team of professionals are committed to assisting you through this process, helping you get to the best conclusion for your family.

Mother and Child Finish Collaborative Family Law Process

The professionals that can help you through your family dispute.

Legal Professionals

Your trusted advisor throughout the legal process, making sure you’re fully informed and able to confidently make decisions as you reach an agreement.

Browse our Legal Professionals.

Financial Professionals

Ensuring you reach a settlement that makes sense financially. Assisting with planning, accounting, corporation, and pension analysis.

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Family Professionals

Providing family and emotional support, particularly around parenting and children’s needs. Contributing mediation, therapy, and coaching.

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