Next Level Training – Leading Clients to the Collaborative Process


Have you completed the Introductory Collaborative Practice Training but not opened as many cases as you would like ideally? Maybe you took the training a long time ago and now want to open more cases.

This is the course for you.

We focus on how you can lead potential new clients to the Collaborative process every time.

Over the course of five two-hour sessions, you will learn how:

  1. How to explain the benefits of the Collaborative Practice process to potential clients;
  2. The proven steps of an interest-based client consultation so that you can customize how Collaborative Practice will meet your client’s needs;
  3. Techniques to overcome the reluctance of the other spouse;
  4. Ways to overcome the reluctance of the other lawyer;
  5. How to make the paradigm shift yourself so that you are not the problem;
  6. Talking to clients about Collaborative Practice;
  7. How to debunk the myths about Collaborative Practice including:
    • It costs too much;
    • It is only meant for simple cases;
    • It is only meant for complicated cases;
    • It cannot deal with high conflict cases or people;
    • The Family/Financial professional is not necessary;
    • The disqualification clause is unnecessary and not in your client’s interests;
    • Any other objections you want debunked.

Be prepared to do some homework between sessions. To become an effective Collaborative Practice professional, you need to do the work. Homework will help ensure you have made the paradigm shift.

Next program can start from Thursday, January 27 to February 24 from 9 am to 11 am. Please contact the YCP team for more information about joining this session.

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