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The first step is to reach out and begin a discussion with any of our legal, financial or family collaboratively trained professionals. Navigate through our member directory and reach out to arrange a meeting. The first consultation will include an open explanation of the collaborative process, how it fits into your unique situation, and how you can begin the process. ​ 

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You may have looked through our list of professionals, but are still not sure who the best person is to help navigate your unique family situation. Instead, you might prefer to outline your details to us and be referred to the member that perfectly fits your needs. If so, click below to reach out to us, briefly explaining your situation, as well as your location. We will respond with the best person based on your details, and you can get started solving your dispute using a better, out-of-court solution. 

Need to learn more about collaborative practice?

Still struggling to understand how collaborative practice works, and how it can help your family? Click below to read our full outline of the collaborative system, so you can be fully informed before you reach out to one of our trained professionals. 

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