Judith Holzman

  • Collaborative Lawyer
  • Judith Holzman Law Office
  • 2126 Major Mackenzie Drive Maple L6A 1P7

“I have been practicing Family Law for 40 years and became a Collaborative Lawyer as soon as it came to Ontario.

Collaborative Family Law allows for a customized approach which suits the needs of each individual family and allows for creative solutions that are not available from a court. Because often a team approach is used, either a family professional with social work background and/or a financial professional, such as a business/income valuator or someone used to working on budgeting and financial needs, is available to assist the lawyers in resolving the issues quickly.

The reality is that Collaborative Family Law is a new approach that takes the old process of family warfare, and changes it around to an exercise in family peace, which is of greatest benefit to the children and to the families that participate in the process.

The Collaborative approach is usually successful saving the parties thousands of dollars in legal and other fees and the stress and pain of a family at war with itself.”

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