Dan Elliott

  • Financial Professional
  • FairFifty Divorce Financial Solutions
  • Suite 404 – 15845 Yonge Street Aurora, ON L4G 6H8

Dan became a Chartered Accountant (CA), now known as a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) in 1989 and has worked 27 years in the municipal government sector as the Chief Financial Officer to two large municipalities in the GTA. Navigating his own separation, Dan realized there is a need for caring financial professionals who can assist separating persons and couples navigate efficiently and peacefully through the financial aspects of the process. Using his own experience and professional knowledge along with updated knowledge from his Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CDFS) credential and Collaborative Practice training, Dan founded FairFifty Divorce Financial Solutions, and focusses primarily on working within the Collaborative Practice approach to separation and divorce.

He is a strong advocate of the Collaborative Process, as it resolves separation issues in a more constructive and productive approach with far less conflict and emotional pain than traditional adversarial processes. Different supports are provided by uniquely trained professionals with the right skills to help with any issue that may arise. The separating individuals are empowered with information, advice and insights from their team to make their own decisions.

Dan can assist anywhere along the process, however, is focused on being neutral to both parties, collecting, analyzing and synthesizing financial information from the couple into draft family law financial statements for discussion with the collaborative team. He ensures both parties understand the information and the family financial situation, along with the implications of various settlement options. He has the skills and tools to forecast the cash flows of each party long after the separation to ensure any proposed settlement is durable and workable in the long term. He is skilled at handling the many unique financial issues of separation around pensions, marital property, income tax impacts, RRSP’s, support payments and many other issues.

Based in the Aurora area, Dan has completed Level I and Level II Collaborative Practice training requirements. He is neutral to both parties to the separation and works to help them find fair and durable financial settlements that meet their needs.

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